Lazy Cooking

Being a SAHM of two littles, people assume I must be Snow White and that I’m so fantastical and motherly that all the woodland creatures come to help me do all the washing and cooking. Well, obviously that’s not true.

 My day gets pretty busy and sometimes that means that when dinner rolls around we tend to have far too many thrown together or non- balanced dinners. Or I end up spending too much time making dinner and end up with no free time for myself in the evenings. This is no Bueno.

Therefore, whenever I poke around for recipes, I try to find something that has no more than 5-6 ingredients. Also, as a public service announcement to all fancy food bloggers and meal-trendsetters, if I search for recipes with 5 ingredients or less, I expect no more than 5 ingredients. Don’t go trying to pass olive oil, sugar, or spices off as “non- ingredients” just because you assume they are essentials. If you have a recipe for 3 ingredient chicken with 10 different spices thrown in, you’re a liar.  If it’s written under the “ingredients” list of your recipe, it’s a damn ingredient. For real. If there is too much effort involved in planning a meal, ain’t nobody got time for that. Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house and started drinking before noon. By the time dinner rolled around, I didn’t even care if the 7 hour “5 ingredient” stuffing tasted like cat food. This is how I cope.

On that note, I absolutely hate cooking. Seriously, I’m not very great at it so I have a very hard time adding a zillion (yes, a zillion..) ingredients into a great deal of bowls, slaving over an oven or stove, and ending up with a massive mess and a meal that’s “meh” at best. Nope. So, coming up with things that are quick and easy make my life a ton better. Everyone can eat peanut butter sandwiches for all I care. But the sad part is, I do care. I know that the more I get overwhelmed with cooking meals and making sure my family eats right, the harder I feel on myself for not getting my shit together. I don’t want my family to miss out on healthy and wholesome meals simply because of a lack of time.

So let the meal planning begin! Here is where I will post all of my lazy mom recipes that I attempt in order to keep my family from starving to death. Enjoy!

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