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Bedtime Routine for Tiny Humans

Ok, so I know that I’ve been on a bedtime post kick lately, but who can blame me? Bedtime is my favorite time of the day! (and I’m sure it is for you other mom’s too, don’t lie!) Usually the only time I have to be completely productive is after the kiddos go to bed. This can also leave the evenings crammed with other activities, like spending time with my partner or spending time for myself. So, I like to have bedtime down to a pretty good science so I can get right to it!

With that being said, these are babies and toddlers we are talking about. Nothing is ever spot on and as much as I try to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, there are nights that occasionally result in complete failure. Yet, most nights of the week, I can expect a pretty decent bedtime outcome.

The boys go to bed at 7pm. I feel like this is a reasonable bedtime for a two-year-old and a 9 month old. However, our friends seem to be oddly surprised by the time, often saying that their kids don’t go to bed until nearly 10 pm or later. If my husband and I let the kids stay up that late, we would never have anything done! Obviously, do what’s best for your family. But, if you’re a night owl and you tend to be more productive in the evenings, I’d say try to get your littles in bed by 7 or 7:30pm.

I usually start getting the boys ready for bed around 5:30pm. I’ll make dinner at this time and have my 2yo clean up his room and his toys. Yes, my 2yo cleans his room every night before bed. (you can read my post about that here)

Both boys get dinner around 6pm, typically. If they are being extra needy, we might have to feed the littlest one first and get him calm and then we can dish up the big man so he can sit with us and feel included. We try to be able to have meals as a family, but the evenings can often get pretty hectic where some nights it’s easier for us to feed the kids first, then go back and eat later after the kids are down.

The boys don’t get baths every night, they just don’t get smelly enough to need one. But if dinner is particularly messy and can’t be cleaned with a few wet wipes, it’s off to the tub! After a quick few minutes they are cleaned, dried, jammied, teeth (and nubs!) brushed, and off to their room.

No later than 6:45pm they are getting tucked in with their water cups. The little one likes his warm and the bigger one likes his cold. They will not take them any other way. If they’ve been good, I will read them a bedtime story. If I’m feeling like supermom, sometimes they get 2 bedtime stories.

They will occasionally get up and grumble or try my patience a few times before they finally zonk out for the night. For the most part though, they are pretty great.

I guess you can say I’ve been pretty lucky with bedtime so far. I’m waiting– not hoping– for the days where they complain to stay up or they give me more sass. But since we started this routine for them very young, I hope that it makes things easier on us in the future. Fingers crossed!

What kind of bedtime routine do you find the most helpful? How about the most challenging? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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