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One Simple Step to get Baby to Sleep Through Anything

My family and friends have always claimed that I have been fortunate and blessed with two little boys who will sleep through anything. Seriously, anything. A tsunami could come crashing through the house and my littles would still be snuggled and out cold. While some people are “lucky” to have babies who are deep sleepers, my husband Clayton and I purposefully trained our boys to be deep sleepers.

How, do you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. You need to get rid of one phrase:

 “Sssh, the baby is sleeping.”

From day one, we made sure to never be quiet around the baby. We spoke in normal voices and our babies learned to sleep that way. Babies will sleep when they are tired (and trust me, it’s a lot!) so there is no need to take extra precautions to “be quiet”. Also, when you create an artificially quiet environment for your baby, you will be forced to replicate that environment every time your child must sleep. Because we chose to do this early on, we are able to have company over at night (drunk and loud company!)  or watch a movie without disturbing our children’s sleep.

Another great tip for introducing this concept early is to start before your baby is born. Say what?? Studies show that babies are able to hear sounds and noises in the womb as early as 18-20 weeks and can recognize and react to sound at 25 weeks. That’s crazy! So, that means that your little one is already becoming familiar with sounds and noises before they are even born. When I was pregnant, Clayton and I would blast music in the house or car and we would talk loudly to our little ones from outside my tummy. Even though they hear things rather muffled, I still felt like this helped them feel comfortable with loud noised when they were born.

My two boys are great sleepers, and I really do feel lucky to have such great kids. Because of this simple action, both of my kids were sleeping through the night and in their own beds before they were one month old. I love that we took this approach when it comes to our boy’s sleep and it sure helps that they sleep well because that means more sleep for mommy and daddy!

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Tell me what you guys think? What are your tricks to get baby sleeping through the night?

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