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Friday Favorites: 8 Ways to Wear a Choker Necklace

Woot! It’s Friday again and I’m super excited to reveal my favorite beauty find for this week! This week is a little different because I won’t be writing about any makeup or skincare products, but instead I’ll be sharing my favorite accessory for the week. Choker necklaces!

I bought a set of choker necklaces a while back and they came with 10 different kinds and I loved them all. Well, except for one… one of them was seriously just a string. I couldn’t figure the stupid thing out and because it just didn’t want to bother with it, I sadly neglected the poor thing.

After doing some research I was surprised to discover that my least favorite necklace of the pack was really the most versatile! This unfortunately neglected necklace soon became my favorite one! So without further delay… here are my 8 favorite ways to wear a string choker!

(styles are in order from numbers on images)

        1. This first one of the most common ways to wear this necklace. You just wrap it around your neck as many times as it will go and save the last little bit to tie a bow in front. You can also variate this by having the bow in the back or pulled to the side a little.
        2. This next one is very similar to the first, but you are only going to wrap the necklace twice around your neck and then tie a loose bow down in the front with the stings dangling down. Another variation of this is to not leave any slack and tie the bow closer to your neck and have the strings hang down.
        3. This next style is just one of the other ways this accessory is versatile. It can also be a bracelet! You tie this one similar to the first style but you do it around your wrist, wrapping the string all the way around and leaving a small amount to finish it with a bow.
        4. This last style in the picture is a little bit more difficult. If you are familiar with how to crochet a line, this is exactly how I made this semi-braided look. Then I just tied it in the back with a simple knot.


      1. The first one in this set of images is another way to wear this necklace that is not the norm. My hair has a darker color so it’s difficult to see, but this headband style looks much better on lighter hair. (Or you could always use a lighter string on darker hair!) Depending on the size of your noggin, you’ll want to wrap it around as many times as you can with enough space to either tie a tight bow at the end or tie a knot and have the leftover string hang down, like I have it in the picture.
      2. This next one is just like the second one but instead of a bow, you are just going to tie a simple knot and let the rest of the strings hang down.
      3. This is another way to wear this necklace close to the neck like a classic choker. For this one you will wrap the necklace as many times as you can and tie a simple knot in the back. You can pull the leftover strings to the front (like I have in the picture) or you can leave them hanging in the back
      4. This last style of them all is another variation of the previous one. Except this time you will only wrap the necklace twice around your neck. You will tie a simple knot in the back to keep the necklace from coming undone and then flip the hanging strings in the front. Because the necklace ends up being longer with this style, it’s not recommended to let the strings dangle in the back because there is a possibility it could get snagged on something.


There are dozens of ways to wear this necklace and because it’s honestly just a simple string, you could recreate any of these looks with colored ribbons, thick string, or even a shoelace! I’m glad I gave this necklace a second chance and was able to find all these adorable ways to show it off.

I’d love to hear from you! Are you a fan of choker necklaces? What are your favorite accessories with versatility? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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