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From “Frump” to Friday Favorites

Somethimes being a mom can make you feel… what’s the word? …frumpy. Yeah, that’s it. Changing poopy diapers and rarely seeing the light of day can leave you feeling frumpy.

By frumpy, I mean like never leaving your sweatpants and “oh my god what the hell is—-oh, it’s just peanut butter…” *sigh*  

We only have one car that my husband uses to go to work everyday, so that unfortunately means that the boys and I typically never leave the house, and thanks goodness for Amazon prime, because I really don’t like to . Sometimes it’s hard to be able to really think of yourself as a hot momma or embrace the peanut butter brazen vixen that you are.  Since becoming a SAHM I feel like I’ve let myself get into this mindset. I am but a lonely poop clad maiden. If it weren’t for my husband adoring me on a daily basis, I would probably give up all hope and live in blanket nest like an abandoned baby bird.

so in order to remedy this, I’ve taken to the internet to try and discover new ways that I can feel pretty.  Testing out new makeup products and clothing and all kinds of fun things have been a real boost to my self esteem. It’s always fun to pick up a new skill or two. I’ve never been much of a makeup person either, but I’m sure excited to try.

And I know what you’re thinking… “but Crystal, natural beauty is waaay better than fake beauty…” Yes, yes I know. But have you tried cake batter flavored lip gloss. I think we can all benefit from this.

Because I’ve been having such a great time exploring all these new things, I’d like to make a post every Friday about all of my favorite things I’ve discovered in the week. We’ll even get trendy and call it #fridayfavs. So if you’re a frumpy mom or even just someone curious about new and all things beauty, feel free to pop in on Fridays to check out this new weekly posting about my weekly favorites.

So for this weeks favorites, I subscribed to Ipsy this month and they sent me the STARLOOKS Artist Edition- Luxe stamp and liner pen. This thing is adorably glorious! It’s an eyeliner pen that has a little stamp on the other side. This may seem kind of child-like, but I felt really pretty and trendy with this eyeliner. At first I felt a bit silly with it on, but it stayed on all day without smearing or sweating off and it was actually very impressed.


If you’ve never tried Ipsy before, I highly recommend it. It’s a monthly subscription bag where they send you 4-5 different makeup samples a month for 10$ so you can try out new things. Not only that, but they come in a cute little bag too. It’s honestly worth it to me just to have the little bag. A really cool not well known fact is that all of the Ipsy bags are waterproof. They are also the perfect size to use as reusable snack bags and for pretty much organizing all the little things that roll around in the bottom of your diaper bag. If you’ve heard about them before but you are just unsure if you wanna take the leap… do it! even if it’s just for one month, you can cancel at any time. Also, if it makes you feel better, this post is not sponsored, so I ain’t lyin’!


Feel free to leave me a comment about some of your favorite things! (doesn’t have to be beauty related) and also, I’d love to hear any suggestions for fun things to try next!

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