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How I Made My Pregnancy Announcements

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, I thought it would be appropriate to tell the stories about how I announced my pregnancies to my family.

Announcing your pregnancy can be and exciting yet nerve-wracking thing to do. So many thoughts go through your head. When should I announce the news? How should I tell everyone? How will people react?

These are very good questions and sometimes the answers can be very hard to figure out. Supposedly, the rule of thumb is to wait until you are at least 8-10 weeks along before you make any announcements. This is because your risk for miscarriage significantly decreases after this period. Even though this is a rule of thumb, it doesn’t absolutely mean that you have to wait that long. If you’re excited to share the news, DO IT!

Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure how some people will react to pregnancy news. But we can only hope that they are just as excited as you and your partner are. Occasionally, you are going to have those asshole baby haters or other family members that are going to be less than enthusiastic, well… I say f*ck ’em. Nobody needs those people.

With our first child, Clayton and I were absolutely stoked to share the news with everyone. Our announcement time came conveniently around the holidays, so we decided to make it a Yule surprise for all of our family. My first child also happened to be the first Grandchild of both mine and Clayton’s families, so it was certainly a very exciting time.

I decided I wanted to make fun mugs for the grandparents- to- be. I bought some plain white mugs as well as these awesome paint markers .  But in the pressure of the holidays and the not so glorious beginnings of morning sickness I caved and decided to only make the mugs for the Grandpas. My mother and Clayton’s mother both live out of state and it was giving me anxiety just thinking about attempting to ship a ceramic mug and have it make it on time for Christmas. But I was still very satisfied over how the mugs turned out. (aside from messing up waaaay too many times and hormonally ugly-crying a dozen more times) But based on the picture, I bet you can’t even tell. If you decide to do a project like this or something similar, you can chose to write whatever you want on the mugs. As you can see, I decided to go the comical route with “worlds Badass & Kickass grandpas”.




When we got pregnant with kiddo #2 we were still extremely excited, but to be honest the WOW factor dips down quite a bit. We ended up enlisting the help of our little one to get our message across. We decided to make a post on facebook with a picture of our little guy and his new dragon toy (which he insisted be in the picture) and the announcement turned out very adorable. All it takes is a cute big brother/ big sister and a simple chalkboard sign.


In the end it’s really up to you how you want to share your exciting pregnancy news!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment on how you shared/ plan on sharing your pregnancy news!

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